Is WordPress the best option for me?

Is WordPress the best option for me?

You may have researched and talked to some friends, read a couple articles and heard about a program that can help you build a website called WordPress. Is WordPress the right option for you?

Well that depends on your situation. Below are ten situations in which WordPress is really, the best option. Note: you don’t have to fit every situation in order for WordPress to be the best option.

  1. You want to spend a limited amount of time and money on website creation.
  2. You want to develop the website yourself and you are looking for something quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive.
  3. You are looking for something reasonably simple enough to understand and even possibly stupid proof.
  4. You want to get your website up and running and (if you need to) you can have someone else take over and maintain the site while you count the money.
  5. You like to shop for themes; you don’t have time to learn how to write HTML, Java Script and PHP. You just want to be able to find a theme that matches the idea in your head and see it created.
  6. You are willing to spend some money on website creation, and purchase Plugins to develop your site more effectively.
  7. You want your website to look professional but don’t want to spend thousands.
  8. You like to create projects on your own and find it easier to work through a process instead of paying someone to try and get inside your head to view your vision. You just want to cut out the middleman and do it yourself.
  9. You have a web hosting service you want to use and don’t want to be tied to using a webhosting service associated with the Website creation software.
  10. You want complete control of how your business, website or blog looks. You like to have complete control of your situation and your surroundings.

Let’s face it, without tools to help you create your vision, website creation isn’t cheap or necessarily easy. Have you ever tried to create a website using nothing but HTML on notepad? It takes a lot of planning, time and deep understanding to make your web page look anything better than craigslist.  If you want your webpage to look like craigslist that is fine, but it really doesn’t catch people’s attention.  Web users have come to expect a sleek, clean well organized website. Your website reflects your appearance and gives the user a first impression when they visit your webpage. It really is the difference between getting five new clients and your competitor getting those same five new clients. You have to look professional and WordPress will make your website appear as if you had a team of five developers working on your website.

Now you can pay a small company to develop your website, where they will sit down with you and run through the web page layout to get an idea and then they will try to develop your idea from your description.  That is not a bad way of doing things, but it is much easier to have some visuals aids to help you choose a theme. Well, you may hire a local web site developer and he will sit down with you at the computer and go over some WordPress themes with you or you may decide to do it yourself. Both are not bad options, but both can be costly. The developer can be very helpful but he can be expensive. If you decide to go on your own you will need to learn a little and at some point pay for a Plugin to do make your website perform a specific function (if the developer is using WordPress he will most likely pay for Plugins and charge you for them as included in his fee).  Using WordPress to develop the site yourself can be a way to cut out the middleman, but expect to give a little more of your time to the process.

Now there are other options out there and they may be saying “Free Hosting,” just like WordPress, but once your website receives higher traffic they are going to ask for more money. So, it is very important to find a good hosting service, which will be accommodating and reasonable in high traffic situations. If you already have a hosting service or have your own servers, WordPress is a good option because you don’t have to host with WordPress. From reading on some websites it may seem like you have to host with WordPress; but you really don’t have to use WordPress for hosting, the provider just has to meet certain requirements found on about/requirements/.

So in conclusion, WordPress is a valuable option for people in many situations. That is probably why it is one of the most widely used web development software programs. The versatility of WordPress really expands its audience. There are so many people in whom WordPress really just fits their needs and their budget. WordPress is even especially beneficial for that control freak that wants to do it all themselves or the person that just can’t seem to make up their mind.

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